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Friday, October 31, 2014


"zimZalla" is a publishing project organized by Tom Jenks and intermittently releasing objects. zimZalla is interested in work of any type in any format that explores new forms and ideas.  Among zimZalla's objects is a wonderful miniature book or chap by Derek Beaulieu.  I am grateful to Tom for sharing a copy that arrived in an enchanting pouch along with a microscope for viewing:

Beaulieu's ZIMZALLA may be wee, but the impact of its fabulous visual poetries is not microscopic.  Thus, I opted to "shelve" it on one of my newest mini-chairs, a mini replica of Salvador Dali's over-the-top The Mae West Lips Sofa.  Here are some pics!

Since I can't punch through you computer screen to offer a microscope, I remind that you can click on the images to enlarge them, the better to enjoy these offerings:

If I had a Dali moustache, I'd twirl it now before proclaiming to this project: BRAVO!


One of Salvador Dali's accomplishments was a wood and satin sofa known as The Mae West Lips Sofa (1937).  It's become ubiquitous in the furniture world, and also been replicated as a mini-furniture piece.  I acquired mine from the Dali Theatre-Museum while visiting Spain this summer.  It's a hoot:

It's made of a velvety-type cloth as plush as the referenced lips!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I've got a backlog of material to post -- new mini-books (thanks Sarah and Ivy!) and new mini-chairs! I plan to continue new posts this summer. Until then, thanks for your patience ...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Because I love the visual arts, I intersperse such throughout SitWithMoi.  Well, the poet and visual artist Jean Vengua made my day when she sent over these lovely 2" x 2" paintings!  Of chairs!!!! 

One is a cafe chair while the other is a rush chair.  Naturally, I have to shelve these lovelies somewhere -- so I did on  the "Tennessee Yellow Chair" which, whiile a mini-chair, is oversized for Jean's paintings!

Some of Jean's paintings, by the way, are available on  And if you're interested in my personal engagement with her "haptic drawings," you can check out this article on OurOwnVoice.

Last but not least, I most definitely recommend Jean's poetry book, PRAU!

Maraming Salamat, Jean!  I will treasure these paintings always!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So the last of the three chairs I purchased in Oregon actually came from Tennessee -- this metal chair painted in pale yellow and with a "distressed" effect.  Made by Creative Co-Op of Memphis. I find it charming:

[Prov.:  Paddington Station, Ashland, Oregon. Size: 10" height, 3.75" width, 3.75" depth]