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Friday, January 11, 2013


Yay! My cousin Dona from Santo Tomas, Philippines came through with a furniture sala set carved from narra, a desired wood for furniture-making in the Philippines.  It's also the right scale for 1:6.  Gorgeous--here it is freshly-unpacked on moi dining table:

Sighting such a set during a November 2012 trip to the Philippines (ni Auntie Ising's) was what made me decide to focus on miniature chair collecting. Here's a close-up of one of the chairs:

Receiving the chairs made me write a poem, in appropriately the hay(na)ku form ("appropriately" because the hay(na)ku is a Filipino diasporic form):
When you sit
on narra

sit with sun
earth, water

a generous forest
breathing for

Thank you, Dona! Agyamanak unay!

[Prov. Purchased in Vigan, 2012. Scale: About 1:6. Various widths with about 6.5" height.]

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