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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Here's a book I put together from stuff lying around my writer's studio--in this case, the inspiration were three postcard poems I'd received over the years from Amanda Laughtland--a poet, blogger, beekeeper, visual artist and founder of Teeny Tiny Press (click on all images below to enlarge):

I decided to incorporate the postcards into a single "book" which was sized at 3" x 4.25" as such is half the postcard dimensions.  Because the text all had to do with food, I thought the cover should incorporate that theme.  I flipped through a magazine I received that day and noticed an advertisement for Eiko's, a Japanese restaurant. As you can see, I cut the horizontal band of images and made them the image for the front and back covers:

I then cut up an unused postcard and pasted it across the front cover.  I also cut a stamp from one of the pieces of mail that day:

When you open the "book", you can see the pages formed by simply folding the three postcards:

Here are the interior content as you turned the pages over:

If you click on above images to enlarge, you can read the recipe-poems.  The exception (due to moi poor skills as a photographer) is the third recipe poem so I'll just type-to-share it here:

from I Meant to Say

You work at the Taco Place

You have blonde hair and usually wear
blue eye shadow. You seem to be
in the back most times and don't work

the register much. I probably will never
tell you how sweet you are and how I wish
you were into girls. I sometimes try

to get your attention and talk a little.
If you guess who I am, please
don't say anything at all. Or say yes.

A lovely poem!  And this below is the back cover where you'd see the edge of a postcard laid over the food imagery.

Now, where shall we serve this yummy book?  Well, it seems to enjoy itself on the "Swingasan" chair, so there it shall swing!

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