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Friday, May 24, 2013


So much can be made from a single sheet of paper!  Through the acts of folding and judicious use of folded spaces, Ivy Alvarez created a "book" of haiku "for dear friends."  Lucky enough to be one of those friends, I now can add her collection to SitWithMoi's Books on Chairs!  First, her process.  Here's the single piece of paper:

Folded, the paper creates a mini-book like so:

To read Ivy's book, you just unfold the paper the way it leads you to unfold it.  Here's the result of the first unfolding, the opening haiku:
silk, threads wind-jostled
red leaf caught between the bars
soft saw-tooth ripples

The next unfolding reveals two haiku; you can click on the image to enlarge it and read the lovelies for yourself!

The next unfolding reveals another pair of haiku.  These are in larger-sized fonts to befit the larger unfolded spaces:

Another unfolding reveals the back of the paper featuring four haiku

Now, where shall we form friendly Ivy's wonderful haiku?  Well, I think it should keep company with another mini-book of the same size and also created from a single sheet of paper, FLORULA LUDOVICIANA by Marthe Reed. They are a cheerful pair shelved on a rocking bench with a comfy rush seat and throw:

Books work so hard for us!  I love it when books get comfortable, too!


  1. Wow, thank you for your engagement with my haiku page/broadsheet, Eileen! xo

  2. You're welcome, Ivy!
    'Tis a lotta fun!