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Friday, May 17, 2013


So, remember my post on mini-paintings interspersed with the mini-chairs and mini-books? Well, one of the featured artists, James Westwater, came across it and thought to share a work related to SitWithMoi's theme!  Here's a detail from his mixed media work, With Our Backs to the World, We Bow: The Hermeneutics of Solitude, 2013, 53 x 48 x 48 inches (and I LOVE that title!):

A man reading a book and 2 chairs!  Purrr-fect.  It's apparently on 1/35 scale, which must mean they're tiny!  The targeted chairs for SitWithMoi, by comparison, are 1/6 scale.  Anyway, here is the context for the above detail:

Nifty, eh?  But just when you think you know this work of art, look at the entire work!

The importance of context!  Thanks for sharing, James!  And do check out the artist's website for many more wonderful works of art, on chairs and otherwise!

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