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Saturday, March 2, 2013


I'm really overcome and overdoing it, moithinks.  But what's a poet without obsession, eh?  Which is to say, I go around my day and whether or not I want to I often end up making a mini-book.  I look at things and think consciously or subconsciously (or unconsciously), Is that fodder for a mini-book?

And so I was dusting the bookshelves (dusting? not!) the other day and came across a business card for the restaurant Coi. I assume I kept this card as, yes, I have never forgotten this pre-Great Recession (sigh) meal I had at this stunning venue. That meal is one of the best top five restaurant meals I've ever experienced in my life.  I hope it's still as good as it was years ago as one can dream, including, one can hope to return there.

As I recalled my memorable experience at Coi, my fingers tinkered with the card and I realized that, when folded, the card was sized appropriately for SitWithMoi!  As a closed book, it'd be 2" x 1.75".

So, of course, I made a book and this below is the front cover.  Yes, it uses peach rather than lavender ink despite the title, LAVENDER.  Because a poem, youse see, should try to avoid being predictable.  (And, besides, I didn't have a pen with lavender or purple ink.)

You'd open the book to see its copyright line (haha) facing this fetching image of dining utensils:

You turn the page to the following poem:

 You perfumed  my
wrists lavender

then served a
"Lavender Trio"
for dessert--

I imbibed.

Years later, I
am still Lavender. 

When you close the book, you may notice the back cover, itself an art work like the meal that swallowed me at Coi: the art of White-on-White.  Anyway...

So, where shall we "shelve" this book about an enchantingly complex meal?  Well, on Mary Scheller's diner booth of course!  Of course, because a poet, too, should deal in paradox (Here, it keeps company with another mini-book, WHAT REINDEER THINK!):

And, hey.  This is the internet.  If some 1% member or foodie or whatever would like to send me a coupon for a free meal at Coi's, ...

I'm hungry now ...

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