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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Moi is helpless against our buddy Art.  So, I wanted art interspersed among the mini-chairs.  Entonces, I scoured la casa  for items that would fit SitWithMoi's mini-scale and, ta-dah: art!  Mostly paintings, a medium Moi loves.  Shall we take a tour?

First, we are lucky to have two evocative works by Mark Mulroney:

Philip The Arabian First Half of the III century AD


Then we are lucky to have a lyrical painting by Thomas Fink:

"Banned in Port Jefferson" (2004)

Then we are lucky to have (on top shelf) two witty matchbox paintings by James Westwater:

Then we are lucky to have two 2011 diptychs of "Bogota" by Colombian painter Winston Portela:

Then we are lucky to have a hay(na)ku collage by Amanda Laughtland (which she'd sent over as a note and which I recontextualized for SitWithMoi):

 A guest in
the country

see the stars
through the

Last but not least, we are lucky to have some items that I'd picked up two years ago at a fundraiser for Haiti, "Hearts for Haiti" at Napa's Blue Oak Middle School:

And when I want to contemplate them all, I do so sipping a cuppa java that I can place on some Charles and Ray Eames chair mug pads!  (Picked up a few years back from MoMA, NYC store):

Hope you enjoyed the peek behind-the-scenes.  And, yes, I'm always looking for mini-art as well ...

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  1. It's an honor to be included in this installation. I love the variety of work!