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Monday, April 8, 2013


And I'm delighted to present another chair from the "Ebay 30" acquisition.  This is a wooden, painted chair featuring (inexplicably to me but why not?) a bunch of carrots flattened to be the chair's back:

And why am I delighted to present this chair?  Because, while larger than my targeted 1:6 scale, its scale allows me to include some larger (than 2" x 2") mini-books, specifically a group of David Larsen's poetry chapbooks:

When I first moved from New York City to the Bay Area more than a decade ago, the move allowed me to meet some of the innovative poets living in Northern California, including David Larsen.  I was delighted to be a recipient of some of his handmade chaps, and will be posting individually on his publications as I "shelve" them in the future.  For now, let us just welcome the chair whose scale allows us to include these David Larsen chaps!

[Prov.: "Ebay 30." Size: 11.5" height x 13.5" width x 5.25" depth]

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