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Friday, April 12, 2013


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Love those fabric artists!  New York-based quilter Alice Brody -- who's already contributed two books for SitWithMoi's "Books on Chairs" project (click on above two links for her books) -- has created fabric throws for the chairs!  To keep books warm!  Well, why not!  Here's the bounty:

Alice designed some of the throws for specific chairs.  I love how this silk throw picks up on the fabulous fabric of Mary Scheller's chaise lounge -- and lucky book by Ed Baker to be kept warm!

And I love how this throw's fabric picks up on the metal of this iron rocking chair:

And, yes, suddenly the authentic Mexican chairs have some throws to brighten up their untouched surfaces and to keep warm moi NOVEL CHATELAINE and jim mccrary's THE LAST WORD:

Last but not least, we've got another silk throw that picks up on the narra wood of this couch:

I am keeping the other throws folded on another chair until I decide which book they shall cuddle around.  But, thank you Alice!  For not just sending these over but having fun with the project too!

And let's remember what keeps books cold.  The chill comes from being unread.  Have you warmed up a book today?

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