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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Oh yay.  I stumbled across a mini-book that, while outside of 2" x 2", can still join "Books on Chairs" since I have a few chairs larger than the targeted 1:6 scale.  This is my first published novel (ahem), NOVEL CHATELAINE!  It was published by the appropriately-named Teeny Tiny Publications of Seattle, WA in 2009.  'Twas published on one sheet of paper(!) folded to become a 2.75" x 4.25" chapbook.  I kid you not -- some background HERE, and here's the cover:

And here are some interior pages -- quite a bounty for a single sheet of paper due to the enchanting design of Teeny Tiny's enchanting Amanda Laughtland:

This first novel became part of a collection of novels later published as SILK EGG: Collected Novels 2009-2009.  The all of it is quite mischievous ... and I'm delighted to have it "shelved" on one of the authentic Mexican chairs!

Thanks again, Amanda!

Amanda, by the way, will be running an online poetry class this coming April. The class is a good fit for anyone who wants to write some poems in a low-key class where the instructor gives constructive feedback but eschews the typical "workshop critique." Here's the link:

And this blog post is also to those querying about sending existing small publications for "Books on Chairs."  Moi answer is a resounding YES!  I happily will take existing small pubs -- ideally about 2" x 2" but can take slightly larger ones.

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