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Thursday, February 14, 2013


My son Michael just gave me the absolutely best Valentine's present a Mom can expect.  And, by the way, I wasn't expecting anything.  But lookit what Michael made and gave!  My favorite flowers and a handmade chair!

He was out in the garage banging loudly yesterday and he was actually, sniffle, making this!

Isn't it the most gorgeous, divine, fantastic miniature chair you have ever seen!?!  Well, but of course it is!!!!  Even that unpainted spot is just the PERFECT flaw, isn't it!!  And the funny thing is that my husband was convinced he was making something for a girl, CERTAINLY NOT MOM!  Hubby -- eat your words like they're a meal I cooked!  (For those of you who don't know Moi, let's just say I'm a failure as a domestic goddess.)

Since embarking on this project, I've learned much about chairs including how there is a folk art of making them out of clothespins.  I don't think Michael knew of this tradition; he said he was just looking for stuff in the garage with which to make a miniature chair, and he found the clothespins (we have clothespins? nevuh knew that. wonder how they got there...).  Which he then painted red just for Valentine's Day!  I swear -- that's just better than chocolate, and that's saying a lot!

It's so beautiful.... Let's all just take another look, shall we?  But of course we must!

These are the moments that make Moi think, I love my life ...!  Thank you, Son!

Later in the evening, Michael took the pretty ribbon that was wrapped around the roses and turned it into a small flower.  I then festooned--festooned!--the chair with it!  Here's the final result of Michael's Valentine Chair:

The next day, I went to the garage and looked lovingly at the mess El Hijo left behind in making his Valentine's Day Chair.  As you can imagine, it was impossible to get mad over the mess he left behind.  I cheerfully began to clean up, and lookit what I discovered among the debris:

It's charming, right?  It could be a side table or a footstool!  I suspect he left it behind because the legs aren't straight.  But a Mother's Love is a Mother's Love!  Of course I rescued it -- and look at the final result:

So perfect.  What a lovely Valentine -- to experience a child's love.

[Prov.: Handmade Purrrr-fectly for Valentine's Day 2013 by Michael. Size: 7" height, 3" width, 3" depth.]

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