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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Do yourself a favor and google "Márton Koppány" to see the many marvels that emanate from this brilliant master of visual and text poetry, minimalism et al ("et al" just coz words fail Moi).  There's plenty of information about him and his work in the internet, but no harm with clicking specifically on these two links:

This is all a lead-in to saying just how honored we are that Márton has graced SitWithMoi with a tiny book -- 2" x 2" -- for "Books on Chairs"!   THANK YOU!!  All the way from Budapest, Marton sent VOYAGE:

You open the book to see that it's custom-made in the sense that the major character is a chair!!  And the chair, as you can see is at one edge of a body of water, say, an ocean:

You turn the page to see the ocean as metaphor for travel or journey -- and not just physical journeys but imaginative ones:

You turn the page and see the book's "conclusion".  And it's a wise one as regards identity.  We are what we do.  We are the journeys we've undertaken (or not).  So that the chair's color is the same and one with the color of the ocean.

Simple on the surface, but with much depth. Elegant. And so charming.  These are attributes shared, by the way, with his physically bigger books which I encourage you all to check out--e.g. ADDENDA and MODULATIONS and ENDGAMES.

Thank you, Marton!    

And now, where shall we "shelve" VOYAGE?  Well, I don't see any other choice.  But of course we must lay it on one of the Star Trek chairs! As a poet, Marton boldly goes where no one has dared before ... (sorry, couldn't help moiself.  I bet you now have that "Star Trek" theme song resounding in the air ...)

Tat ta duh.... I am suddenly missing William Shatner ...  Here's a young Captain Kirk, when he was like the chair at the beginning of VOYAGE, just starting its voyage and still bearing its own youthful color:

And what would Captain Kirk look like as an ocean-blue chair?  That is, if he reflected his Star Trek voyages?  Perhaps as, hm, the Gorn Captain from the episode "Arena"?

Don't remember the Gorn Captain?  According to an article on Star Trek's 10 Cheesiest Classic Creatures:

Description: A big lizard guy who sounds like a cross between a leaky steam pipe and a constipated pirate. He's strong and tough, but so slow-moving you'd think he worked for the DMV. Kirk fights him on the Asteroid of Unlikely Mineral Deposits, defeating him by inventing gunpowder and blasting him with a diamond the size of William Shatner's ego.

Powers: Strength, imperviousness to fake-looking Styrofoam rocks, flint knapping.

Weaknesses: A diamond to the gut, godlike aliens.
Sigh. I love Star Trek!  And see where Márton's VOYAGE has taken Moi within a single blog post?  To a cheesy monster!  That's the power of poetry: from a chair to the Gorn Captain -- such expansive scope!

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