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Saturday, February 9, 2013


This vintage chair enchanted me when I first saw its image.  It was described as being made “of curled, white painted metal and green velvet cushion.” 

But when it first arrived in the house, I was surprised to realize that the “metal” was actually from either a soda or beer can.  So, this is my first introduction to the folk art of making miniature chairs from aluminum cans – especially popular, I’m led to believe by some quick internet research, during the 1970s.  Here are two shots of the chair, which show the craft that went into its making:

It’s interesting that I might have been left cold by (or found a tad cheesy) this notion of making miniature chairs from soda cans.  But I’m glad my eyes were widened by seeing an actual specimen – there’s a lot of crafty work required to make an intricate chair.  In fact, GO TO THIS LINK for a whole “patio set” made from aluminum cans.  It’s kewl.

Anyway, I’m pleased with my lovely chair that I got from Etsy shop Our Colorful World.  Hannah, the shopkeeper, tells me she found it in an antique store.  I’m glad she did, so I can learn something new!

[Prov.: Etsy Our Colorful World Size: 5” height.]

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  1. I have one of these chairs made from an old Pepsi can in the 70's by an elderly man on my street named Charlie Spangler and given to my mother back then. He also made love seats from old spam cans that I know of. He lived on front St. in Dunbar, pa. 15431 with the Harvey's and made and gave them to the house wife's in the neighbor hood. Mine is in pristine condition yet. It's nice to see more of them out there. He was a very talented man.