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Friday, February 1, 2013


Okay.  Much as I appreciate Country, I can—like American Idol’s Simon Cowell—have occasional moments when I think, I don’t get Country!  And I had such a moment when I opened the mail to see the rust chair I ordered. It arrived decorated with “pipberries and ribbon.” 

Is it me, or does it seem like there’s a chair out there trying to get out of some fussy coat?  Here’s another view:

Notwithstanding its rust, do you see the clean lines of the chair? On the other hand, I had a house visitor when I opened the package and she thought the pipberry and ribbon trimmings were cute.

Well, I guess I’ll sit on it (get it?  Haha!) for a while.  Maybe the trimmings will grow on me.  But I wanted a rusted chair because I liked imagining how a chair might rust.  You know, sitting out on some garden patiently hosting dewdrops.  Or caught by afternoon (and morning and evening) rainshowers, the slate tile floor beneath it gleaming from collisions of water and light. Poetic stuff like that.  But a cloth ribbon, for one, that’d get wet-wilted by rain, doesn’t lend itself to such a scenario.  But, like I said, before I take the Christmas off of it, I’ll sit on it for a bit …

[Prov.: Etsy’s Jane’s Barefoot Crafts. Scale: 7” height, with about 3” between floor and seat base.]

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