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Sunday, February 17, 2013


So, remember the above when I found a tiny stool or table from the debris caused from Michael making me a Valentine's Day Chair? Well, El Hijo said he actually meant to do something different with the tiny thingie.  "What?" Moi asked.  He said he thought he'd put one of Mom's bookmarks on the back to it to make another chair.  So we did so.  And it's like so:

Another delightful result!  I coo-ed mucho over it, and so I have another chair!  Wanna place a Book On It?

Then, I showed Michael the seat "cushion" I made for his first Valentine's Day chair.  I had cut up the cardboard he'd used while painting the chairs.  I thought it a brilliant move since, (1) his chair had no seat (see top image above), and (2) it continues the conceptual underpinning of re-using (as in, refusing to trash) the materials he'd used to make a Valentine's Day Present for his Loving Mom.

Here's the cushion and how it would "sit" (heh) on the chair:

Michael hated it.  He stressed: The chair is supposed to be EXACTLY the way he designed the chair, hole and all!  I backed away immediately, of course.  After all, we're all arteeeeests here with our strongly-held aesthetic opinions!

But I kept the cushion for future use -- for when I shelve a book on it.  Just don't tell him...

[Prov.: Handmade by Michael, Valentine's Day 2013. Scale: 5" height, 1.25" seat base width and depth.]

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