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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well, the answer is that it's ... an elephant in the room!

We found her! Remember when I said the elephant was missing?  Well, we found her (don't know why it's a her...) and here she is:

This is a miniature of the fun kids' stool designed by Ray and Charles Eames hailed as "a classic icon of modern design furniture that combines both form with function".  So good to see you, she coos ...

I'm also happy to see Ms. Ellie -- I just named her! -- back in the room since she's my only Vitra miniature, to date.  I've been outbid on Ebay twice thrice in the past few weeks for some Vitra miniatures ... the problem seems to be that a lot of bidding occurs in the last minutes before the auction expires, and I'm usually asleep during those last hours (a problem when the seller is based in, say, Europe). 

[Prov.: A Jonathan Adler store (I think) in San Francisco.  Scale: 1:6]

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