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Friday, January 25, 2013


Somewhere in lovely Mexico is a lovely grandmother who, in exchange for moi home-grown honey, sent over two AUTHENTIC Mexican chairs for SitWithMoi! She sent them through my friend and her daughter, Rocio. Muchas Gracias!

I capitalize AUTHENTIC because these are apparently duplicates of how real chairs are made.  Here's the backside:

Mexico actually generates a lot of mini chairs.  But the chairs gifted here duplicate how real chairs are made, versus the toy chairs that apparently have come to be painted over-the-top, in the opinion of Rocio and her mother.  Rocio told me that many of the mini-chairs today are ornately painted/decorated and utilize (to the dismay of Rocio and her mother) such ridiculous words as "Princess" painted on the seat of the chairs.  So it was a relief for Rocio's mom to have found these chairs.  They look like they could be painted but I can certainly envision the visual relief they, unadorned, also offered Rocio and her mother (shades of Christopher Dresser?!). 

Indeed, these are the most plain-looking (in a good, Shaker-like way) Mexican chairs I've seen as most of those I've observed are quite colorful.  Huh. And this authenticity dilemma, if you will, actually reminds me of one of the unnecessary battles within the poetry world -- the insistence of the binary perspective in considering plainspoken language vs more baroque or ornate language for use in poems.  Actually, why am I raising this now?  Nevuh mind then....!

Anyway, my thanks to Rocio and her Mom and I'll try to ensure that the future books placed on them will be, uh, also authentic! Here's Rocio with the chairs:

The chairs are actually slightly larger than ideal, but that's okay.  Some poets who -- despite their mastery of their art's minimalist requirements -- can't seem to measure the books they send over here for "Books on Chairs" and send them larger than 2" x 2" (wassup, poets?!).  Those oversized books can now be shelved on these oversized chairs!

[Scale: 9.25" height, 3.5" width, 4" depth.]

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