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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Every library--any library!--should have a dictionary!  So we're so happy to get one, even though it's only 1" x 1.25"! 

But it's pretty special!  Its cover is made from birch!

And then painted with its title and spine color by Jennifer of JeniveavesGarden.  Jennifer says about her art: "All creations are uniquely made, one at a time using mostly recycled and repurposed materials. Creating functional beautiful pieces that bring joy and reduce waste. Designs and patterns are my own, based on whimsy, old magazines from the thirties, and life's observations. Working mostly in 1/12th scale but always willing to custom make a piece in any size requested."

And we at SitWithMoi are very grateful for her willingness to custom make pieces.  Because -- yes, I couldn't help moiself -- I just had to order a bookcase for this project!  I mean, we're "shelving" books on chairs here, but I'm going to be optimistic and believe that we will get so many books from you e-people that we will need to deal with an overflow with the traditional way: shelve some books on ... a bookcase!

Here is SitWithMoi's first bookcase when it first arrived, along with the dictionary on the shelf and some mini-books for "Books on Chairs" on the "floor" waiting to be shelved.

It's a very well-made bookshelf.  I believe she used cardboard as a base that she covered with birch.  Here are front and backside views attesting to its meticulous craftsmanship:

And here's a final view of The Poet With Chairs admiring it with some books I'd shelved to taste-test it!  Yes, that's the Richard Odom Stool next to La Poeta.

Such fun.  WE HAVE A DICTIONARY!  But, wait, on which chair shall we "shelve" the dictionary if it's not on the bookshelf?!  Because a dictionary, of course, moves around instead of staying in one place as the need for it occurs.  So, for a temporary resting place, why don't we put it on one of the narra rocking chairs gifted by moi brother! There's a mini-New York Times on the matching rocker so, the set implies, one might be reading the newspaper and then have to look up an unfamiliar word!

Actually, the pages of this tiny dictionary are blank.  That works, too.  Because Moi is a poet and a poet can sometimes disrupt instead of abide by inherited definitions.  Jest sayin'!

[Prov.: JeniveavesGarden Etsy store.  Scale: Bookcase-10.25" height; 2.5" depth]

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