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Thursday, January 10, 2013


I like Jonathan Adler’s designs, and I love the pink and chocolate brown print that Etsy artist Ronda Vallejo used to make this ottoman.  It has a brown-painted wood base.  I liked the print so much I also ordered two cushions from it.  I also like Ronda’s Artist Statement:

I have loved miniatures since I was a little girl. I started sewing and making miniatures a few years ago when I decided to make a 1/12th scale room box that was a replica of my youngest daughter's nursery. One of my older daughters helped make tiny things in the room from paper, and I did the sewing and painting. I am currently working on a replica of our master bedroom. I enjoy making the bedding sets that I sell. I've heard other dollhouse enthusiasts say that it's like being a decorator-with tiny rooms! I feel the same. It's a great creative outlet, and I strive to make them as realistic and true to scale as possible. I have also started making 1:6 scale also known as play scale for Barbie sized dolls. I am currently listing some vintage items (not miniature) that my mom gave me.
At the moment, each of Ronda’s cushions is on my two wooden rockers, with the ottoman in front of them as a de facto coffee table.  Fun.

Color is a narrative and I like ways that give the color “brown” its due.  Could be considered plain.  Could be considered mud.  But it’s actually a base without which others might not fly without the contrast from brown.  I was reminded of this when the bank teller the other day was complimenting this colorful bracelet against my tanned skin…oh never mind :)

Anyway, I propped the two cushions up against two wooden rockers and placed the ottoman between them.  Yes, those are books between the rockers. Time for reading!


  1. Thank-you for posting this! I appreciate it, and I'm so happy that you like your miniatures. Ronda (Alex is my nickname.)

  2. Hola Ronda/Alex,
    Glad you like where your work ended up. I promise they will have a good home! They're really charming,

    1. I have always loved miniature chairs. I used to hang mine on the wall in a grouping. I love your shelf.

    2. That sounds wonderful -- must have really enlivened the wall!

      I'm just using a bookshelf emptied from a move. The funny thing is (and perhaps coz I'm a writer), I can't get away from putting books on bookshelf. So I'm thinking of slightly expanding the collection to be "Books on Chairs" -- have found a handful of mini-books that'd work and which I've set on some of the chairs (books about 1.5" width to 2" length works). But I'm trying to discipline moiself (hah) and focus mostly on the chairs until I've gotten several more on my wish list.

      If I don't maintain my focus on books (maybe books on chairs someday...someday), I might get crazy and just go "miniatures" and then that's an infinite number of objects! I might go crazy from all that! :)

  3. Well, that happened quickly. So I have expanded the scope now to include "Books on Chairs"! Invitation to participate is at right-hand column of blog, or at


  4. Books on Chairs sounds fun! I love books as well, and I have many more books than shelves!