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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The first time I saw an image of this “Deacon’s Bench,” I specifically responded by thinking the piece had Integrity because it's so well made.  I know this type of furniture, also found in churches as pews.  I have childhood memories of sitting on such a bench and looking at this image made me remember the feel of smooth wood against bare skin:

I got it from an Etsy seller, lizzylovesvintage, owned by Elizabeth Bowen in Swansea, Wales.  When I asked for more information about the furniture’s background, she replied:
The little bench was made by my Father's older brother William, originally from London, in the late 60's for his daughter, here in Swansea Wales. He was an engineer by profession and a talented amateur woodworker hobbyist. He made my mothers kitchen cabinets by hand.
An engineer by profession and talented woodworker?  No wonder the piece has such integrity.  Here’s another look at it after I opened the mailing package that brought it to my home.

I already know this is one of my favorite pieces in the collection!

[Prov.: lizzylovesvintage/Elizabeth Bowen.  Scale: 6" high, 3" wide, 8" long]

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