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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am so sad to not have these chairs! I ordered them from an Etsy shop, but there’s been some local thievery around our country lane postal boxes and they were taken! They are so sweet—I miss them though I never met them:

According to the shopkeeper (who is not at fault and so I don’t want to mention their name), the chairs were purchased in about mid-2012 during an estate sale in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The elderly man who died and left the house did woodworking as a hobby, and such is reflected in the quality of the pieces. The shopkeeper did not know the chairs’ age, but they were just raw wood at the time of purchase. Here’s the kicker: it was the shopkeeper’s Grandma who varnished and painted the chairs—and you can tell from the photo that she did a lovely job!

 R.I.P., sweet chairs…

You shall not be forgotten by SitWithMoi.  Indeed, you are now our "Elijah" chairs!

[Scale: 10" tall, with the seat 3" off the ground]

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