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Sunday, January 20, 2013


My brother Fil returned from his Philippine vacation bearing gifts!  Two mini rocking chairs concocted from narra and with rattan backs!  Aren't they -- and he -- sweet!

Here's a loving close-up:

Thanks Fil!  They will always bring back loving memories of Ilocos Sur!

Because Moi is feeling sentimental -- perhaps because she just read a fabulous poem "Album" by Donna Stonecipher (which I'll share via the Comments section) -- this all reminded me to look up an old photo in a family album (cough) of me and my brothers way back when ...

I'm the one of course in the dress, looking a bit suspiciously (do you think?) at the world.  Fil is my oldest brother right behind me in either a cub scout or school uniform that was a bit sadistic for insisting on ties; my other brothers are Roy (far right) and Glenn (on baby seat).  Interesting that, when I first started this project, I never thought I'd end up posting from some old clan photos ... Wow: one can go a long way from the resonance of an empty chair. 

[Prov.: Purchased in Vigan, 2013.  Scale: 4" height x 2" width]

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  1. Here's the referenced poem by Donna Stonecipher, which I absolutely adore:


    Anything seen through an arch is instantly picturesque. Why keep hoping things will speak for themselves, without your aid? The small wish for a tableau. The sunset might well bear you off on its pulleys of delight, the buildings are still strewn vacantly around the square. But you know what to frame. You know how to count. Arch flowing into arch flowing into arch, and through the last arch, what was dumb will speak. After all, it is the halos that tell us who the saints are. Rows of poplars: somewhere, a river, and workers bathing. Won't it all be laid out for you in sequence in the end, what has truly fallen into your frame? And everything else, the ungroomed land, the dead tea-roses, the body moving out of the shot. Who wouldn't be sentimental, given half the chance.