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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well, before I even had a chance to post the first image from my miniature chair collection, I already received something from a viewer which generated a new poem!  Woot!  Thanks to Mel Nichols who sent me a colorized b&w pinhole camera image:

(Photo Credit Mel Nichols)

Shortly after receiving her image, I had to go out on errands.  But the image obviously sparked something in me as, while I was driving around, I ended up mentally writing the following poem in response:

Because Color is a Narrative
--after Mel Nichols

if empty
then blue

like the lemon
molding to gray

or my love
freezing to salt

when unused

Love it slant!  Love how poetry extends: how a chair inspires a poem not (only) about a chair...!

Thanks Mel!

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