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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Maureen Lauterbach, who owns Etsy shop RavenRage, first purchased this wrought iron and wood rocking chair in Anchorage, Alaska about 20 years ago.  It was from a little shop going out of business.  Maureen says it then sat in her doll cabinet for all those years until I acquired it.  I love it because it’s very well-made, and from the same materials that could create the larger chair.  It’s not just sturdy but it has a rock-solid presence.  It may be small, but has the presence of a boulder—sort of reminds me of certain tiny paintings; if you hang up such a painting on a large wall by itself, it still, as they say, “holds up the wall!”  That’s this chair:

Here it is recontextualized in my home, by a bedside lamp and wooden sculpture--such a presence!

[Prov.: Maureen Lauterbach/RavenRage on Etsy, purchased 12/2012. Scale: 5"x6"]

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