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Saturday, December 29, 2012


I got this handmade stool from another Etsy artist, Mab Graves. The acquisition process inspired a poem:


We brainstormed the design associated with my name. 

One did the construction and one added the finishing touches.

This is hand-made, so it's not factory-perfect.  It's one of a kind.

You can't tell (because of the paint), but this
is historically-accurate for  making retro-inspired.

P.S. I love my collaborator. 

(P.P.S.  He is my hero.)


How to make a poem?  Peer at her email
while you caress the pink stool.  Make
the "I" the poet and the collaborator
the reader.  Collaborate.  Brainstorm.

Don't let the effort show
for there is no sacrifice

when poetry is a gift.


If poetry is a gift ...

So, the above poem took off from the actual email sent by Mab Graves in describing how she and her father made the poem.  She had emailed:

This is a new collaborative collection I started recently with my father!
He is a scholar, architect, carpenter and all-around Renaissance Man, and my hero.

We brainstormed the design, he did the construction, and I added the finishing touches.
This is a handmade chair - so it's not factory perfect. It is unique and one of a kind. ^_^

This little chair is made of pine and cherry and the legs are peg set - you can't really tell because of the paint but it is a beautiful, classic and historically accurate way to make retro-inspired furniture!
I kept looking at her email and something just whiffed of ars poetica (art of poetry).  So I riffed off from it and the above poem resulted (probably needs more tinkering; poems posted on this blog will include poems-in-draft as they are posted as they are first written). 

So much thought into a tiny object.  So much thought emanating from a tiny object.

No wonder I got two (haha).  I also got the blue version:

[Prov.: "Jack and Jill custom made "Blythe chairs" from Mab Graves on Etsy; Scale: 1:6]

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