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Friday, December 21, 2012


Well, yes, I sometimes feature the chairs with paintings because they comprise a long-favored collection.  But, as these are miniature chairs, it would be nice to feature paintings which one imagines Peeps sitting on such chairs can peruse.  This means, ta-dah, tiny paintings!  And who comes to mind but poet-painter-scholar Thomas Fink who dropped me a line the other day that he's enjoying moi new chair blog.  His email reminded me to bring up from the e-files a certain image that fulfills my fanciful notion:

To get an idea of their scale, look at the painting on the far right column, second from bottom.  That's an image of all of the paintings put up on a bulletin board in, I believe, the professor's office for an exhibition!  All very enchanting!  Go HERE for more information on Thomas Fink!

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