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Friday, December 14, 2012


Sometimes, you see a painting -- or, in this case, three chairs (ahem) -- and you can feel (the poet often sees by feeling) the passion of the hand that painted.  That's why, I positioned these "Lucky Chairs" by Sally Davies in front of a vibrant, colorful Manuel Ocampo painting when taking their photograph (Lucky Chairs apparently have appeared on Oprah and Sex in the City and now here, ta-da!):
Sally Davies, according to her Wikipedia page, first garnered attention in New York with her "Lucky Paintings" and "Lucky Chairs" series at the OK Harris Gallery.  And, indeedy, got these chairs directly from Ivan Karp.  Here are close-ups of their charm:

Here's a closer look at the chairs as they relax on the living room couch:

Their backsides are also colorful:
And so I'm delighted to inaugurate the peeks at my mini-chair collection through Sally Davies' talent ... which can be seen also at her site for "paintings and alien photographs"  as well as site for photos.  Color is a narrative, as noted in the prior post's poem, and the vibrancy of the palette for these "Lucky Chairs" explain why sitting on them would
"enhance your life"

"inspire great ideas"

"enhance your relationship with the great beyond"
Who knew sitting would accomplish so much?!

[Prov.: OK Harris.  Scale: Fits Barbie; 5.25"x3.25"x2.25"]

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