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Sunday, December 23, 2012


I've had these two wooden chairs for years -- I don't even remember how I got them:

I've always enjoyed their company, relishing how I have two instead of one.  Together, I think they're greater than the sum of 1+1, for reasons that are partly reflected in the "Empty Chair Poems"--HERE and HERE.

[Prov.: Unknown; Scale: To Come]


This post also features the last of the chairs I have from when I was haphazardly acquiring chairs--that is, before I thought of collecting chairs.  Collecting vs Acquiring -- there's a difference and in a future post I'll detail the difference in my acquisitions once I determined that I would create a "collection."  Essentially, a collection (for me) requires more rigor, a rigor reflecting the Collector's perspective.  So more on that on a future post.  But I think the chairs I'd presented prior to and including this post also reflect something of my subjectivity, which will naturally influence my Collector's perspective.

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