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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I was so pleased to rediscover the "Dusi/e Trove" of fabulous elements snailmailed to me a few years ago by Susana Gardner, then living in Switzerland.  Among the trove was a small, blank book sized at 1 3/8" x 1".  I immediately thought it'd be perfect for one of the very tiny chairs in SitWithMoi's chair collection.

But, first, I had to inscribe text within its pages.  I chose to write a poem, "Made With Love," within its pages because most of its lines are short and I thought to inscribe one line per small page.  And because obviously this tiny book was made with love!  The text of the poem is below, but here's the title page that also gives credit to Susana for the book design:

Here is the full text of the poem (I wrote it months ago and left it alone in the files until I saw this book -- so perhaps the poem was just waiting for a reason to raise its purty little head and let the world become aware of its existence):


Mad with love

Aid with love

Am with love

Damned with love

Dem(ocrat) with love

Maid with love

Dim with love

I'm with love

Dia con amor

Ad with love

Dada with love

Dad with love


Aid please

Am Damned 

Dem Dim

No Maid!

I'm Dia Ad 

Dada Dad 

and I'm a Dad all Mad and Damned with no Aid in this Dim Dada world--
the perfect Ad for a universe to run on Love!

Donde los Dias con mucho amores?

From the following image, you might notice that the first few pages still had part of their top folds uncut, so that they couldn't be opened without tearing.  Since the subject at hand is poetry, I chose to leave those pages blank to symbolize how, in a poem which is often (though not always) a minimalist art, not everything needs to be articulated.

The following is a representative page, where a page contains one line:

But, as you can see from the above text, the last two lines of the poem are quite long.  And so I inscribed them within the tiny book as follows and continuing as needed onto the next page:

I decided that this book has two publishers: Meritage Press which publishes most of my SitWithMoi books and Dusi/e.  Hence, the last pages look like the following, complete with my heart:

And now, where shall we "shelve" this tiny book?  But of course!  On one of the tiniest chairs in the collection, the loving and loveable rattan chair:

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