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Sunday, May 26, 2013


THE AWAKENING: A Long Poem Triptych & Poetics Fragment (theenk books, New York, 2013) is my latest book.  At some point, I had a tiny reproduction of its front cover image -- a painting by the very talented jenifer wofford -- and printed it out.  I had in mind to do a mini-book using that small reproduction.  Well, I did!  And while it shares imagery with THE AWAKENING's front cover, it's not quite the same.  My mini-book is entitled WAKE UP! as the image focuses on the three faces with closed eyes:

The cover has flaps so, actually, when you unfold the flaps, you see more of the context, the original cover to THE AWAKENING.  Here's the front cover with unfolded flaps and back cover:

The mini-book has one long accordion-style page.  When you open the book, the first thing you see is this folded page bearing the instructions, "Pull for Instructions."

When you pull open the page, you then see the text:

Open the flaps
To uncover
The Real Picture

To Read
A Book
Is to discover
A World

Is to AWAKE--
The Revelations
Of former secrets!


So where shall we "shelve" this book?  Well, why not on the transparent Philippe Starck's "Ghost Chair"!  Because when you look at this chair, you still see or "discover / A World"!


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