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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The first time I saw a picture of this hand-made stool, I was enchanted:

It’s handmade by Anna of Etsy shop AyuAna.  The stool is made of wood.  And it is built around a bolt and screw mechanism that allows one to adjust the stool’s height.  Here it is newly-arrived at la casa:

Seeing the stool in person affirmed the cleverness of its invention.  Anna must have thought about the bolt and screw and, in that non-scientific process of art-making, made a mental leap to use the structure as the core of a miniature, adjustable stool.  In a subsequent Etsy conversation, Anna told me she just had an idea, tried it out, and it worked! 

Anyway, I found the idea elegant in its simplicity, and made a mini-book to honor it entitled THE POLISH STOOL AFFAIR (a subject of a future post).  Meanwhile, I am just tickled to have this be part of SitWithMoi’s chair collection!

[Prov.: Anna of Etsy shop AyuAna.  Scale: 1:6 with height adjustable and seat 1.75”x1.75”]

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