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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Well, SitWithMoi's chair collection (will update that link soon) increased by 30 chairs today, courtesy of an Ebay purchase by the hubby.  Thank you, hubby!  They come in a variety of styles and sizes, not all of which actually fit my desired 1:6 scale.  But it's just as well since I was running out of chairs for the mini-books and the mini-books sometimes arrive larger than the targeted 2" x 2" scale.  Here's the first chair from this Ebay grouping -- a "Director's Chair," which I suspect will be a useful addition:

I'm particularly happy to get these chairs since yesterday was also a big day for snailmail as I received five mini-books!  Thank you, William Allegrezza!  Yes, folks, you can send more than one mini-book for shelving on SitWithMoi's chairs!

[Prov.: Ebay. Size: 4" height and 2" width]

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