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Monday, March 11, 2013


Miniature furniture samples are a favored source for miniature chair (& other furniture) collectors. These miniatures were once used by salesmen as they gave a better idea of the furniture than drawings.  As a result, these minis were often made with the same craft as used for the "real" bigger chairs.  It's a reason why collectors might favor them over doll furniture -- as the linked article says, "...serious collectors know that the dividing line is workmanship. Children's furniture was not made with as much care -- nor with as much intricate detail as salesman's samples or apprentice pieces. In making children's furniture, drawers may have been nailed rather than dovetailed. Identification depends on an experienced eye."

So I'm delighted to welcome a miniature furniture sample for a teak bench to SitWithMoi's collection.  It comes from a long-time friend, Sandy, who's married to a landscape architect.  Apparently, her husband received it as a sample from a teak furniture distributor.  The bench then was used by their daughter's and niece's Barbies, Monster High dolls and Beanie babies.  Since both lasses have outgrown it, Sandy gifted this lovely teak bench to Moi:

And that's not all, Sandy then crocheted or knitted (the difference is over my head) two afghans, one for this chair and the other for any other chair in the collection!  Why not?  Books, too, I suppose, get cold and need to get warm!

Now, if something needs to be said, Moi is often good for saying it.  So, if it needs to be said, let Moi say that an unread book -- especially a book of poetry -- is cold.  It can be warmed by an afghan, but it can only be heated up by ... a reader!

[Prov.: Sandy 2013 Gift. Scale: 7.75"h x 10"w x 3.75"d]

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