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Saturday, March 9, 2013


"You make what you are. Because simple rustic furniture can be built with a minimum of formal woodworking skill, it could be said to be a translucent and sometimes transparent window into its maker.... The selection of woods, and the arrangement, the assembly, and even the intended use of a rustic chair tells more about the person who made it than it does about trees or furniture. A rigid person is likely to produce a straight conventional piece, while a more flexible one will explore the possibilities of wood shapes more freely."
--from "Creating Rustic Twig Furniture From Natural Wood" by Daniel Mack, Mother Earth News, Jan./Feb. 1987
And another thing "Ebay 30" allows is for Moi to include the twig heart chair, ubiquitous in folk art and/or Americana circles -- specifically, two: a twig heart rocker

and a twig heart chair

Here's a side view:

I don't think it'll be difficult to find mini-books to shelve on these chairs, mini-books which will have as much heart as the chairs...and their makers. 

[Prov.: Ebay 30. Scale: chair: 7.75" height, 4" width, 4" depth; rocker: 9' height, 4.75' width, 4.25" depth]

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