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Monday, March 25, 2013


Here are two more chairs courtesy of my friend Rocio who had a relative send them to the U.S. for me.  This relative travels for business and he apparently found them in a shop in the Yucatan.  What's interesting is that they're made in the Philippines!  Since Mexico has its own furniture-making (including mini-furniture making) industry, I was intrigued as to why Philippine-made chairs would be over there.  Further adding to the mystery is that one of the chairs bears a sticker on the back indicating it once was for sale in a store in San Francisco.  Entonces, I consider these diasporic chairs -- that, and the fact that they're purty -- made Moi welcome them into SitWithMoi's chair collection:

[Prov.: Rocio's relative in Mexico -- a store in the Yucatan, by way of somewhere (another store?) in San Francisco (as gleaned from a partial sticker on one chair's back), but exported from the Philippines.  Size: 16"height, 6" width, 6"depth]

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